校园 and Learning 资源

When you become a k8彩乐园app平台 (GCU) student, you will have a lot of responsibility. GCU can help you manage your life as a student with campus and 学习资源 so you can successfully navigate your academic journey. Take a look at our campus and academic resources to learn more about how you can make the most of your GCU experience.

Convenient Access to 校园资源



发现 学习资源 that empower you to make the most of your education, including opportunities to learn in small, expert-led组, and get specialized assistance during your time at GCU.



Staying healthy during college is essential. 的 Canyon 健康与保健 Clinic offers healthcare services on campus. Lopes Living Well provides resources for emotional and spiritual well-being. 在学生处了解更多.gcu部件.edu



If you plan on driving and parking on GCU's main campus, you will need to register your car and get a parking pass. 探索 available garages and parking options to learn more about parking on GCU's campus.



Living on campus is the ultimate convenience. Get the most out of your college experience by living in one of our suite-style residence halls or apartments designated specifically for new and returning students.



No matter what you are craving, you will find something that will satisfy your appetite at our large selection of on-campus dining options. Choose from popular national eateries and other delicious options.

学费 and 金融援助


发现 tuition and housing costs at GCU, as well as helpful information about grants and loans. You will also find information about the generous scholarship and grant opportunities available through GCU.



GCU has fitness centers on campus to help you stay healthy in between classes. k8彩乐园app平台的 state-of-the-art fitness centers are equipped with free weights, strength and cardio equipment. Plus, you can participate in fun fitness classes, including Zumba!



发现k8彩乐园app平台的校园, including where your classroom buildings are located, where to park and where you can eat, study and socialize with fellow Lopes.

Learning 资源 That Help You Succeed


k8彩乐园app平台的 更大、更好的图书馆 is conveniently located on the third and fourth floors of our Student Union. 在线学习? All students can take advantage of our extensive academic resources at our online library.



If you are having trouble accessing the Learning 管理 System, contact tech support to help get you back online. You may also want to browse the tech support website for answers to commonly asked questions. 在support网站了解更多信息.gcu部件.edu.


For all traditional ground students, GCU’s Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Center can help you succeed with your toughest classes. 在这里, GCU students can help you with proper APA formatting, help you sharpen your writing and research skills and assist you with statistics, 生物学, 化学, math and many other courses.

Learning 管理 System & 学生门户

的 innovative Learning 管理 System helps track your educational activities and resources as a GCU student. 探索 student success seminars and other tutorials to help you make the most of your educational experience. Within the system, you will also find tools to help you:

  • 交作业
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • View assignment due dates, with reminders
  • Use the homepage resources

Log in to the 学生门户 today at gcu部件portal.gcu部件.edu


You will find lists of required course materials for each course on 峡谷连接. Whether you have to get a textbook or download digital materials, all of the information is right at your fingertips, from the ISBN number of textbooks to links your eBooks. 了解更多关于 ordering textbooks from an online bookstore.

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